Clemence Poesy (poesylafleur) wrote in cf_redcarpet,
Clemence Poesy

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de la france, avec un bisou...

Ahh..Bonjour! I am Clemence Poesy, you may know me from the latest Harry Potter ('Arry Pott-eur, hehe) movie, in which i played Fleur Delacour. I'm a pretty relaxed person, I love to dance and sing, I love chocolate (I guess that doesn't exactly make me unique, but it must be said), and I'm a real Harry Potter fan (of course). I'm a bit shy (odd for an actrice?) but once I talk to someone I generally love people, so say hi (my screenname is xpoesylafleurx ). I speak both French and si vous parlez français, vous pouvez m'appellez dans notre belle langue française aussi!

Bisous, Clemence
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