The Manager (the_playwrights) wrote in cf_redcarpet,
The Manager


ATTENTION: We noticed some of you have not joined and are not using any of the new communities. Why have communities of they are not used. Please join them AND use them. They are here for your roleplaying fun and convenience!

Main Communities These are mandatory

cf_redcarpet Introduce yourself and let your friends, other celebrities know you have arrived.

changing_fame The Home of it all

behindthestage Randomosity, memes and quizzes. Come join us backstage for all around good fun!

thestudios Post a lyrical dedication here!

theguilds Storyline & Threading community

thememesroom A place to post all of your memes and quizzes.

cfawardings The CF grammys, Emmys, and etc.

thecasting Place a request to the cast directors (the mods) for a celebrity that has not arrived yet.

thesets Tools for the members. Get your downloadable aim buddy list, friend add list, as well as many other helpful tools here. There is also a suggestion box, for you to post suggestions once you join.

theoocprogram Out of Character questions, concerns, etc.
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