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Hey, I'm Jade Puget.
Although Obviously I don't use my surname in real conversation.
So please, just call me Jade.
Really? All you need to know you should just find out by talking to me.
So go to it.

have a blast.

i love you, kitties.

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I'm Hayden and what just what exactly would I find out by talking to you? ;)

It's quite a pleasure, Hayden.
I must admit I'm a bit starstruck.
I loved you as Anakin.
(I'm a bit of an inner geek, it's true. I locked myself in my hotel room while we were on tour in San Francisco and had a Star Wars marathon. Your performance is stunning. As are you. Although i didn't share that opinion with any of my boys, of course.)
Well, That's the point of talking to me, isn't it? For you to find out.
hello rocker.
jon on bass <---talk to me.

Heeey miss murder can I...?
rocker indeed, look who's talking. You do some sweet work on bass in Panic!
i'll hit you up.

take my life, whoa-oa ohhhh
'Allo Jade. I'm Clemence. Que nous parlons, alors! xpoesylafleurx
we've spoken already. <3
hey I'm Ryan. you guys rock
And i've been impressed by your world-dominaation streak as a new band. Panic! 's got a lot of potential, and from what i see some pretty damn cool individuals. Keep it up.
Hello Jade. Nice to see you here.

it's a pleasure to be here. Thanks for the welcome!
Welcome Welcome

It's been a while!
I believe we spoke some last summer, at Live 105 BFD.
You sounded good that night. It's nice to see you here!
Though I wonder some about that picture you have.
Might take a bit of explaining, that.
I look forward to getting to know you better
Yeah it has been awhile. We'll have to make up for time.

I'm just weird and do random weird things whenever I feel like it. Call me sometime
hey Jade.
I'm Zooey

AIM: contactdeschanel
Zooey! It's such a pleasure to be welcomed by such a pretty face. Thank you, and I'll see you around, yeah?
Hey, I'm Ashlee. Welcome =]]