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Changing Fame

nothing but the best in celebrity roleplay.

Changing Fame RPG Red Carpet
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Want to JOIN changing_fame? Here's how:

1) Create your celebrity journal. The user name MUST have a form of the celebrity's name in it.
2) Please fill out our easy application HERE
3) Make an Introduction post in your journal. You may be asked for other written samples and aim samples so please be prepared to do so.
4) Once approved, please request to join cf_redcarpet and changing_fame. Then you can post in the cf_redcarpet.

Please note we DO have a character want list. To view it please go HERE. It is not a limited list by any means and you can play any celebrity you want here. However, we would appreciate seeing more mainstream celebrities who people can relate to as well as more females.
CF_REQUEST: Not sure who to play and you want to know who we need here? Check out the cf_request community. This group was created so that current characters can request who they want to see here, and for potential players just like you.

Rules for cf_redcarpet Community:
--You must have an rpg journal made and approved to join AND POST. See the_playwrights for an application to the game.
--To be given posting access, you need to have at least one introductory post made IN your journal.
--Be polite. No arguing, flamming is allowed.
--Posts are flocked, so anonymous posters CANNOT post. If you wish to contact someone regarding storylines do so privately and not on this group.
--Have Fun!!!

Use this community to let other people - cast members, friends of your celebrity, etc - know that you've arrived.